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Excellent PowerVM for SAP document

About 3 years ago, the IBM SAP Competency Center in Germany produced a very good document that took the reader through the reasons and rationale for virtualizing SAP landscapes and then explained all of the technologies available on the Power Systems platform to allow users to accomplish that goal.  As many improvements have been introduced in the Power Systems line as well as with its Systems Software, a new updated version was needed.  The Competency Center rose to the task and produced this completely refreshed document.


Here is the table of contents to give you a small taste of what it covers.

Chapter 1. From a non-virtualized to a virtualized infrastructure

Chapter 2. PowerVM virtualization technologies

Chapter 3. Best practice implementation example at a customer site

Chapter 4. Hands-on management tasks

Chapter 5. Virtual I/O Server

Chapter 6. IBM PowerVM Live Partition Mobility

Chapter 7. Workload partitions

Chapter 8. SAP system setup for virtualization

Chapter 9. Monitoring

Chapter 10. Support statements by IBM and SAP


It is not what one might call “light reading”, but it is a comprehensive and well written guide to the leading edge virtualization technologies offered by IBM on Power Systems and how SAP landscapes can benefit from them.


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