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SAP TechEd 2012 Las Vegas – IBM Synopsis and Session Videos

SAP TechEd 2012 in Las Vegas is now finished and what a great conference it was.  The conference started off with a bang for IBM Power Systems customers using SAP on the “I for Business” platform.   The attendance for these “i” sessions was about 50% higher than last year which shows the continued interest in high performance, low management that is offered by this platform.


IBM’s presence on the showroom floor was quite interesting.  The main booth featured experts in many areas and a unique virtual hardware device which allowed pretty much any IBM hardware solution to be viewed in 3D, interactively.  In addition, IBM was present in the Intel booth featuring both our HANA solution as well as IBM PureSystems.  IBM also participated in the SAP HANA technology showcase and an IBM partner, Bluefin Solutions, competed in the “SAP HANA: Real Time Race” against a Cisco/EMC partner, Optimal Solutions,  In that race, each contestant used a 4-node HANA system with two distinct phases, data migration from an existing SAP system of a massive amount of data and then processing and visualizing the results.  Bluefin smoked Optimal on the import, finishing the import before Optimal could even get their import started.  Optimal won the race overall due to their performance in the visualization phase.  From my perspective, this test proved two things; IBM’s HANA solution showed its superior performance and ease of use in the first phase; Optimal won the second phase based on their knowledge and experience with data visualization.  This is not to imply that Optimal would have won against another integrator such as IBM GBS, simply that in this test, they demonstrated results against another Bluefin.

During the main conference, IBM personnel delivered 14 different sessions ranging including ones on HANA, Cloud, Security, Process Optimization, Mobility, Risk, Database and last, hopefully not least, the second of my two sessions was on my favorite topic, i.e. why IBM Power Systems offers advantages over x86 systems for SAP.  Many of those sessions were followed up with Expert Networking Sessions on the showroom floor.  Those sessions were designed to allow for a more free flowing conversation, question and answer type of format to address any issues not covered in the formal sessions.  For my two set of sessions, I found that there were far more attendees that had not attended the formal sessions and even more that stopped to listen as they walked around the exhibit hall.

Three of the sessions that IBM delivered were video taped and have now been made available on the web.  The links are below.  The third of these is the session that I delivered on Cloud enablement of SAP environments on IBM Power Systems.  This will also the be the subject of a future blog post, but for the time being, I encourage you to take a look and invite comments based on the video.

IBM STG has three SAP TechEd Las Vegas replays available for IBM, Customers, System Integrators and Business Partners:

TEC 226: Managed SAP Virtualization on Intel Xeon-based IBM PureSystem with LVM
You can also find on SAP TechEd Online at:

TEC217: Head in the Cloud? Learn how to Keep Your Feet on the Ground (Power Cloud & PureFlex)
You can also find on SAP TechEd Online at:
TEC221: IBM and SAP HANA: Scalable, Available, and Simpler with Disaster Recovery
You can also find it on the virtual platform on :


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