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SAP HANA on Power – status update

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After Vishal Sikka’s announcement that SAP was investigating the potential of HANA on IBM Power Systems, it seemed that all that was needed for this concept to become a reality was for IBM to invest in the resources to aid SAP in porting and optimization of SAP HANA on Power (HoP) and for customers to weigh in on their desire for such a solution.

Many, very large customers told us that they did let SAP know of their interest in HoP.  IBM and SAP made the necessary investments for a proof of concept with HoP.  This successful effort was an example of the outstanding results that happen when two great companies cooperate and put some of their best people together.  However, there are still no commitments to deliver HoP in 2013.  SAP apparently has not ruled out such a solution at some point in the future.  So, why should you care since HANA already runs on x86?

Simple answer.  Are you ready to bet your business on x86?  

Do Intel systems offer the scalability that your business requires and can those systems react fast enough to changing business conditions?  Power scales far high than x86, has no artificial limitations and responds to changing demands almost instantly.

Are x86 systems reliable enough?   Power Systems inherited a wide array of self correcting and fault tolerant features from the mainframe, still the standard for reliability in the industry.

Are x86 systems secure enough?   Despite the best attempts by hackers, PowerVM has still never been breached.

Can you exploit virtualization or will you have to go back to a 1990s concept of islands of automation?  The PowerVM hypervisor is part of every Power system, so it is virtualized by default and the journey that most customers have been on for most of this millennium can continue unabated.

What can you do about this?  Speak up!!  Call your SAP Account Executive and send them notes.  Let them know that you are unwilling to take a chance on allowing your SAP Business Suite database systems to be placed on anything less than the most reliable, scalable, secure and flexible systems available, i.e. IBM Power Systems.    Remind SAP that Business Suite DB already runs very well on current Power Systems and that until SAP is willing to support this platform for HANA, there is very little compelling reason for you to consider a move to HANA.

Sapphire is just a week away.  This may be the best opportunity for you to deliver this message as most of SAP’s leadership will be present in Orlando.  If they hear this message from enough customers, it is unlikely that they will simply ignore it.


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