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Significant change in SAP HANA on Power support

SAP made a major revision of the SAP note describing the support of SAP applications with SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems on July 14, 2016.  Previously, SAP note 2218464 – Supported products when running SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems had said, “The list is complete. If a software component, product or add-on is not listed in this note or the notes referenced directly by this note, it is not supported with a SAP HANA database running on the IBM POWER Architecture.” among other things.  As of version 43 of this note, it now says: “A SAP product version or add-on product version is supported on SAP HANA SPS 11 and newer running on IBM Power Systems, if and only if the product version or add-on version meets all of the following criteria:” and goes on to detail the criteria.  The upshot is that unless an SAP application is officially “not” supported, and only 5 of them are still in that category, or it requires a co-req or pre-req which is not supported and it meets minimum documented support levels, then it is, by default, fully supported.

This is an incredibly important change.  It takes HANA on Power from being a one-off product with an official list of supported applications to being a standard part of the SAP portfolio with only a list of unsupported applications.  Please note, unsupported does not imply that it won’t work or that SAP is not trying to move it to full support, simply that they have not made those applications GA with HANA on Power.  As with the previous versions of this note, customers requiring support for any SAP applications which are not supported today should communicate with their SAP AE and request this support.  In general, unless there are actual software issues, SAP will consider each request individually and decide whether to provide support, to invite the customer to try out the application in a PoC or to suggest other alternatives.


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