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SAP HANA on Power @ IBM Edge

SAP HANA on Power is building momentum at a break neck pace at IBM and IBM’s commitment to HANA is quite apparent when you look at the amount of time and attention being dedicated to this topic at IBM’s premier systems event, IBM Edge 2016.  The information presented below is copied from a newsletter that my colleague, Bob Wolf, shared with his distribution list.


In an odd coincidence, SAP, IBM, and even Oracle are all holding major customer conferences on the same week in September.  IBM’s Edge 2016 conference will be held in Las Vegas on September 19-22nd at the MGM Grand. It will feature over 1,000 technical sessions revolving around infrastructure, Linux, Cloud, and yes, SAP.

There will be a total of 25 sessions related to SAP at the Edge 2016 conference. Many of these sessions will discuss various aspects and customer experiences with respect to HANA on Power. There will also be SAP related sessions covering cloud, IBM Flash and NVMe storage, as well as DB2. In addition to IBM presenters, there will be a number of HANA on Power sessions presented by a number of customers including Bosch, Ctac, CenturyLink, CPFL Energia, Deloitte, and South Shore. Two of IBM’s business partners, Meridian and Ciber will each be presenting a session.

Many of the IBM speakers covering the SAP topics will be shuttling back and forth between the IBM Edge conference at the MGM Grand and SAP’s TechEd conference at the Venetian. If you see any of the presenters wearing running shoes, rollerblades, or riding on a unicycle or hoverboard, they are not trying to make a fashion statement as much as they are just trying to run the 2 miles between the two conferences.

In case you would like to attend IBM’s Edge 2016 conference and haven’t registered already, here are some links for more information on the conference including how to register. Further down are the descriptions of the 25 SAP related sessions.Edge

Attend IBM Edge 2016 and join the IT professionals, IT leaders and business leaders who will design, build and deliver infrastructure for the cognitive era.

Here’s what you won’t want to miss:
Over 1,000 technical sessions, demonstrations, deep dives, certifications, and labs
Birds of Feather panel discussions to learn from the experiences of fellow IT professionals
Client success stories and provocative presentations from industry thought leaders
Networking opportunities with experts, peers and solution providers in our state of the art Solution EXPO
“Edge at Night” on Tuesday evening:
Enjoy a concert by Train – the GRAMMY Award-winning band.
Before and after the concert, meet with other attendees pool-side for hors d’oeuvres, beverages and networking.
Register now!

Attached below are short descriptions of all 25 the SAP-related sessions featured at Edge 2016.

1) PAD-1623: Architecting SAP HANA for Availability, Flexibility and Scalability to Handle Large Databases
SAP HANA is one of the hottest products around, and no system offers better characteristics to enable large-scale transaction processing and concurrent analytics than IBM Power Systems. This session will offer a deep-dive into the issues that must be addressed to deliver maximum availability while keeping costs under control through effective use of PowerVM. Of significant importance is the dilemma that many very large customers must consider: how to determine the best large-scale system for SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA (or SAP S/4HANA) lacking any specific benchmarks. This session will provide a methodology by which to evaluate both IBM and non-IBM systems for this purpose.
Alfred Freudenberger, IBM

2) PAD-1922: Benefits of Deploying SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems and Future Roadmap
The joint program between IBM and Bosch will present a case study highlighting the benefits of running SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems. Bosch will review why they chose IBM Power Systems as their platform of choice, their experience with the platform, and the benefits they received. Following this, we will present the roadmap for SAP HANA on Power to showcase what you can expect in the near future.
Sara Cohen, IBM
Erik Thorwirth, BOSCH

3) PAD-1921: Client Roundtable: SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems Experiences
Join this roundtable of clients who have deployed IBM Power Systems for SAP HANA. The panelists will discuss the benefits they have already achieved by using Power as the flexible infrastructure for HANA deployments, and why they chose Power to replace existing x86 servers running HANA. Attendees will also hear views on market trends and future joint IBM/SAP plans for HANA.
Vicente Moranta, IBM
Niek Verhaar, Ctac N.V.
Erik Thorwirth, BOSCH
Volker Fischer, BOSCH
Claude Bernier, South Shore

4) CCL-2387: Create a Fully Managed SAP HANA Environment in Minutes!
Participate in an interactive demo that walks you through entering a provisioning request process for a fully managed SAP Cloud environment. Then work with the IBM SAP on Cloud Benefits Estimator tool, where you can gauge your potential benefits in the areas of economics, availability, customer reach, innovation and security. See how you can deploy SAP HANA quicker than you ever thought possible.
Brian Burke, IBM

5) PAD-1163: Customer Experiences with Installing and Running SAP HANA on Linux on IBM Power Systems
Based on over a dozen customer installs of SAP HANA on Linux on IBM Power Systems, this talk will discuss: Why customers choose Linux on Power for HANA; what customers like about Linux on Power for HANA; what customers are using for their High Availability solution; what storage strategies customers have implemented; what applications customers are running; and what their production workloads look like. Come find out what to plan for with SAP Hana on Power, and how to architect a successful solution.
Kurt Koehle, IBM

6) PAD-1509: Dynamic Power Cloud Manager: Concurrent Hybrid Operation of AIX, IBM i, Linux and SAP HANA on Power
In 2014, FRITZ & MACZIOL won an IBM Beacon Award for “Outstanding IT Transformation Solution – Power Systems” for the Dynamic Power Cloud Manager (DPCM). This comprehensive administration and automation solution for IBM Power environments enables you to manage and automate AIX, IBM I, Linux and even SAP HANA concurrently on one or more IBM Power systems via the same, convenient GUI. It can deliver significant cost and time savings, reduce errors—and in case of failure a restore takes only a few mouse-clicks. Attend this session to learn how easy it can be to manage Power environments in this “smarter” way, and hear about its potential compliance, cost reduction and standardization benefits.
Rainer Schilling, FRITZ & MACZIOL Software und Computervertrieb GmbH

7) PAD-2543: Enterprise HANA
SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems offers enterprise virtualization capabilities such as capacity on-demand and dynamic resizing of compute and memory resources for on-premise and cloud deployments. These capabilities, along with Live Partition Mobility, high availability and disaster recovery features, bring unprecedented flexibility and allow customers to achieve lower TCO. Come hear client perspectives on these benefits.
Niek Verhaar, Ctac N.V.
Erik Thorwirth, BOSCH
Mysore S. Srinivas, IBM

8) PAD-1044: Extended Solutions for SAP HANA and IBM Power Systems Landscapes
This presentation will provide an extended overview of the most important enterprise solutions encapsulating the SAP HANA and IBM Power and Storage landscapes. It will discuss the portfolio of architectural elements needed to increase enterprise-class high availability and simplify disaster recovery using different data replication methods or more common backup/restore/recovery solutions. This session is an extension of the session “Optimal Deployment of SAP HANA on IBM Power and IBM Storage Platforms Based on Customer Experience.”
Damir Rubic, IBM

9) PAD-2509: How CenturyLink Optimized Its SAP and SAP HANA Deployments with a Hybrid SAP Infrastructure
At CenturyLink, we strategically leveraged a hybrid SAP infrastructure on IBM Power Systems, giving us investment protection in addressing today’s SAP business requirements while positioning us for our future SAP HANA requirements. We weren’t exactly sure when we would be ready for SAP HANA; however, we knew we needed to add capacity and upgrade our current SAP environment. Our POWER8 solution gave us flexibility: regardless of the direction and timing we chose, it allowed us to run our traditional SAP workload while giving us the ability to evaluate benefits of HANA on POWER8. Once the decision was made to move ECC to HANA, the infrastructure investments offered significant value over the alternatives.

Odell Riley, CenturyLink
Connie Walden, CenturyLink

10) WET-2626: How to Choose the Best Cloud Provider to Maximize the Value of Your SAP Deployment
More and more companies are moving their SAP systems to the cloud—and they’re turning to third-party experts for help. But you can’t risk partnering with the wrong cloud services provider (CSP). How do you choose the right CSP with the right expertise for your business, SAP landscape and workloads, while ensuring that all stakeholder concerns (CIO, CFO, LOB managers and SAP project leads) are addressed? You’ll walk away from this session with a list of what to look for when choosing a CSP, what questions to ask, and the determining factors to help you that decision.
Brian Burke, IBM
John Harris, IBM

11) CDE-1383: IBM POWER8 and DB/2 BLU: The Foundation of a Cognitive Analytics Platform
In this session, we will share a real-world customer example showcasing the advantages of IBM POWER8 in combination with IBM DB2 BLU. We will discuss the decision process and consider alternatives, such as SAP HANA and other options. We also will provide information on the sizing process and the architectural planning, including TCO/ROI and delivery considerations. In addition, we will explore other advantages, such as IBM PowerHA, AIX Enterprise Edition (EE) and Capacity on Demand (CoD), which provided additional value. The solution was deployed on four IBM Power System E850 servers.
Ulrich Walter, IBM

12) PAD-2305: Implementing S4/HANA on IBM Power Systems to Maximize Performance for Analytics and Big Data
This session covers the current implementation of S4/HANA and reviews lessons learned on the IBM Power Systems platform for analytics. We will also share the performance benefits of the Power Systems platform for enterprise SAP workloads that can help reduce cost and increase productivity. In addition, we will describe how the virtualization built into the Power Systems architecture can allow multiple discrete production instances in virtual machines on the same physical server, thus reducing TCO. Finally, we will review the current state of SAP on Power Systems in the IBM cloud, and its future roadmap.
Balbir Wadhwa, Deloitte
James Seaman, IBM

13) PAD-2342: Leverage the Full Capabilities of IBM Power Systems to Run SAP HANA on a Flexible, In-Memory Cloud
The session will offer insight into how to run SAP HANA environments on a cloud infrastructure built with IBM PowerVM and IBM hardware. Find out why you should choose IBM technology to create a highly scalable platform that is optimized to run in-memory SAP solutions, and what the design and architecture concepts look like. You’ll also hear an overview of how Ctac built their platform with IBM components, the project approach (smooth cooperation with IBM), challenges and necessary SAP performance tests. Ctac will also share the capabilities of their platform and how they can cope with scalability and capacity on-demand.
Niek Verhaar, Ctac N.V.

14) SRA-2554: Leverage the Full Capabilities of IBM Technology to Run SAP HANA on a Flexible In-Memory Cloud
Ctac, a business consultant and cloud provider in the Netherlands, wanted to enhance analytics support for its customers with an in-memory cloud solution that could deliver high performance and simple scalability. This session will give attendees a technical deep-dive into how to run SAP HANA environments on a cloud infrastructure built on IBM PowerVM and IBM FlashSystem. We will describe how to design the architecture of a highly scalable platform that is optimized to run in-memory SAP solutions, share our business challenges and project approach, present the necessary SAP performance test, and demonstrate the capabilities that help us cope with scalability and capacity changes on-demand.
Eric Sperley, IBM
Niek Verhaar, Ctac N.V.

15) PAD-1243: Major Client SAP Landscape Transformation to SAP HANA on POWER8 in a Private Cloud Environment
This talk describes a first-of-a-kind SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems private cloud solution in the datacenter of a large Automotive customer. The solution includes a fully automated installation of Linux LPARs through PowerVC, as well as the unattended installation of SAP HANA with the required storage, CPU and memory. Now the customer’s development team can deploy SAP HANA installations on-demand. As an orchestration tool, we use IBM Cloud Orchestrator. For the infrastructure, the client chose IBM Power System E880 servers and IBM Elastic Storage Server (ESS) with an InfiniBand network. The session will also cover different use cases we implemented to modify the deployed SAP HANA installations (SAP BW, SAP Business Suite on HANA).
Carsten Dieterle, IBM
Dietmar Wierzimok, IBM

16) PBD-1262: Meeting Ultra Stringent HA and DR SLAs for an SAP Ecosystem with IBM Power Systems and Storage
A global manufacturing company needed its SAP ecosystem to be available 24×7, with SLAs of one hour for disaster recovery (DR) and ten minutes for high availability (HA). Hear a real-world case study on how these requirements were met using IBM Power System S824 servers and IBM Storwize V7000 storage–while lowering TCO. After the rollout the client successfully ran a live DR drill on the production environment within the defined SLA. This IBM solution is now a reference for this client’s sister companies.
Hoson Rim, Meridian IT

17) PAD-2545: NVMe Saves Customers Time and Money
New NVMe non-volatile memory technology on IBM Power Systems makes SAP HANA more efficient by saving customers time and money when restarting HANA databases. SAP HANA databases on Power Systems now leverage the latest in server-side flash caching technology that revolutionizes server I/O performance and reliability.
Vicente Moranta, IBM

18) PAD-1043: Optimal Deployment of SAP HANA on IBM Power and IBM Storage Platforms Based on Customer Experience
The presentation will provide a detailed description of the core SAP HANA architectural elements and uses cases that are being considered for optimal deployment on the IBM Power Systems platform. It will also discuss the infrastructure architectural building blocks utilized to achieve an accelerated implementation and improved performance synergy between SAP HANA and IBM Linux on Power-based enterprise landscapes.

Damir Rubic, IBM

19) PAD-1045: Planning for a Successful SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems Proof of Concept
This presentation consolidates the basic and advanced SAP HANA and IBM Power Systems architectural elements described in other Edge 2016 sessions into the optimal set of steps required for the successful execution of a Proof of Concept (PoC) for this enterprise landscape.
Damir Rubic, IBM

20) PAD-1353: Running SAP Faster on FlashSystem and POWER8
Facing a 25% increase in the number of customers, CPFL Energia was close to disrupting its business operations. See how POWER8 plus IBM FlashSystem reduced the overnight billing process from eight hours to five hours (a reduction of 37.5%), which released the capacity to receive two million additional customers and improved call center responsiveness. Attendees will see how a high-performance computing solution can turn a problem into a revolution within the enterprise. Also, you will gain insight into how to extract the maximum from your infrastructure to obtain better SAP HANA performance.
Marcio Felix, CPFL Energia
Tiago Machado, CPFL Energia

21) PAD-1112: SAP HANA Data Protection Capabilites and Customer Experiences
HANA is SAP’s strategic in-memory computing platform that is designed to deliver better performance for analytic and transactional applications. HANA’s platforms and business environments continue to expand. IBM’s Spectrum Protect (formerly TSM) has a long tradition of protecting SAP databases. SAP has announced HANA on the IBM Power Systems platform, and again IBM Spectrum Protect was the first partner on the market to support this new platform. The number of reference customers and production accounts is constantly increasing on all HANA platforms. Come learn about this exciting solution, and hear about selected worldwide customer scenarios and best practices for meeting SAP HANA data protection challenges on Intel and Power platforms.
Gerd Munz, IBM
Carsten Dieterle, IBM

22) PAD-2385: SAP HANA and IBM Power Systems: A Real-Time View into Your Business
The new SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems solution is ideal for IBM Power Systems users who are moving to SAP HANA, as well as for existing SAP HANA and SAP BI Accelerator users running on x86 who are looking to take advantage of the latest POWER8 technologies. Join us to hear IBM’s foremost expert on SAP HANA and IBM Power Systems share key information on: The SAP/IBM alliance–the best of both worlds as you move to SAP HANA; unique SAP HANA attributes delivered on IBM Power Systems, including performance, architecture, and low TCA/TCO; and a comparison of the on-premise IBM Power Systems for SAP HANA with cloud solutions for SAP HANA.
Brian Burke, IBM
John Wise, IBM

23) PAD-2544: SAP S/4HANA on IBM Power Systems: Resiliency and Scalability
Memory resiliency is key for large, multi-terabyte, in-memory databases such as SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA (SAP S/4HANA). As system memory capacity grows, memory failure rates go up, resulting in unplanned outages of mission-critical deployments. IBM Power Systems offers resilient memory subsystems as good as mainframes with DRAM sparing and dynamic memory deallocation for predictive failures. Come hear more about Power Systems’ memory features, scalability and resiliency.
Mysore S. Srinivas, IBM

24) PAD-1658: Technical and Financial Benefits of Running SAP HANA on IBM POWER8 Versus Intel
This session starts with an overview of what SAP supports with S/4HANA running SUSE Linux on IBM POWER8 servers, followed by an in-depth overview of how POWER8 technology delivers the solution for less with higher performance and greater availability. We will contrast the technical and financial benefits of IBM POWER versus Intel options to put it into perspective. Understanding the technical and financial advantages are critical for line-of-business, C-level and SAP members to recognize. Some stakeholders may overlook the benefit provided by the foundation of the SAP solution by viewing infrastructure as not playing a role in the success of SAP, which can lead to overpaying while accepting an inferior solution.
Brett Murphy, Ciber

25) PAD-2254: Why SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems is More Efficient and Cost-Effective than on Intel
This session demonstrates how SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems not only provides a higher quality of service, but also reduces IT cost. You will see how the specific platform characteristics of IBM Power Systems translate into cost savings compared to x86. The discussion will include detailed total cost of ownership examples from real client case studies covering SAP Business Suite and Business Warehouse applications that demonstrate efficiencies and savings to businesses.
Program: Accelerate Cloud Innovation with Power Systems
Track: /ENHANCE/ Big Data and In-Memory Analytics
Information is subject to change. Please consult the IBM Events mobile app for complete agenda and session details.
Christopher von Koschembahr, IBM


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