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Protecting HANA against Ransomware Attacks – Data and Applications

A few weeks ago, I posted a blog entry about securing SAP HANA systems against ransomware attacks from a Systems and OS perspective. As noted in that webinar, this addresses some angles of attack of hackers, i.e. admins with privileged access and other avenues by which admin level authority might be commandeered. These are critical because only those accounts with write authority to HANA and other critical system files can encrypt them and hold the keys to these files until a ransom is paid. This is one of the most common exploits used by ransomware hackers. These types of attacks can be crippling and, without a strong recovery strategy, leave the attacked entity no choice other than to pay the hacker. Even with a good recovery strategy, it is possible to have multiple days without your key HANA and other systems which could be financially devastating.

But this only addresses some of the potential avenues of attack and a relatively small population of employees and/or contractors. The much larger population is composed of application users. Attacks focused on these individuals can result in all sorts of unpleasant outcomes, ranging from users being denied access to fraudulent orders being placed to money transfers occurring as if a “vendor” is being paid or a refund is being issued to a customer. But the ransomware hackers can be much more malicious, actually stealing data of value to the company, e.g. trade secrets, banking and credit card information, sales related data such as customer contact info, PII or other protected data. In these types of attacks, the stolen data is held in an undisclosed location and, if a ransom is not paid, the data is released publicly or sold to the highest bidder. These types of attacks may not be as devastating as the above mentioned encrypted files attack, but could result in embarrassing data releases, loss of competitive advantage, or even sanctions and fines from authorities.

In order to explore these types of attacks more and help customers to design strategies to combat them, I enlisted the help of Ryan Throop, Executive Security Consultant, IBM Security Services – SAP Security & GRC. IDG hosted a call sponsored by Bob Friske, IBM Brand Manager at TD Synnex (formerly Tech Data), on which we explored how customers can secure their SAP HANA systems against ransomware attacks with a applications and data.  This webinar is available at 

Though we discussed protection of SAP HANA, some of the tools and techniques are appropriate for other systems of value including non-SAP ERP systems.  The webinar is a little less than 30 minutes and has a special offer at the end for customers in North America.  


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